Written by Ghanim Fatee

February 7, 2024

Beirut 18-8-2-23

By the support of IRAQ RELIGIOUS FREEDOM ROUNDTABLE IRFAR, and by the presence of House of Representatives Keeper Mr.Safoan Albasher and The Organisation of “Ghasn Alzetion” the institute of Parliament development has been established in Parliament Center, and by the cooperation with the organisations of “ Slam Alrafden”, “ Ghasn Alzeton”, and “Humanitarian Nineveh Relief ” Organization”, a workshop has been taken a place in Beirut. The event had seen the attendece of House of Representatives Keeper Mr.Safoan Albasher , and many other prestigious members of the Parliament from different backgrounds and consultants groups. Mr.Salah warmly welcomed Ali, the General Presence Establisher of “Religions Freedom and Distinguish Prevention” and they discussed the goals of the workshop that concluded different parts critically related to the concepts of the religion, freedom, and how to enhance and protect them by the Iraqi constitution. They discussed the importance of these freedoms and how it can enhance the peace and continuous growth. Many leaders has contributed by sharing their words and including House of Representatives Keeper Mr.Safoan Albasher and Mr.Saad Feaz The executive of the ‘ Institute of Parliament development”. They discussed the critical part of religious freedom, and how it can contribute to build, better and diverse societies . The role of religious freedom in enhancing the peaceful, living, and achieving continuous growth. The workshop has seen also the providers of many important topic that was represented by Mr.Fady Abu Alam to the concept of religious freedom, and its impact in contributing to peace and growth.