Preserving the environment brings us together

Written by Salar Salar

September 25, 2022

On the grounds that protecting the environment and promoting a culture of concern for the environment is a participatory responsibility between community leaders and activists and the relevant authorities, the Olive Branch Organization is implementing a project (preserving the environment brings us together) in Nineveh Governorate.

The project is implemented with the support of the Kurdistan Human Rights Monitoring Organization (KOHRW) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and falls under the Community Cohesion Project for Community-Based Organizations.

The importance of the environment:
The environment is everything that surrounds us in terms of water, air or land, with all its living and non-living components. Environmental institutions and organizations that aim to protect and preserve their elements were established.

10 steps you can take to protect the environment
We all want to protect our planet, but we are often too busy or lazy to make big changes that will improve our way of life and conserve the environment, but there are simple steps you can implement in your daily life that will make a difference and make you involved in protecting the environment.

1.Use reusable shopping bags.
2.Use energy-saving LED or fluorescent bulbs to save electricity.
3.Walk or bike because cars are a major contributor to air pollution.
4.Reduce food waste.
5.Choose a reusable water bottle to save money and help the environment.
6.Use a bucket when washing the car instead of a hose.
7.Get rid of mercury products.
8.Do not put hazardous materials in the trash.
9.Plant a tree, it is the most important way to preserve the environment.
10.Unplug the electronics you don’t use to reduce your power consumption and electricity bill.

Afforestation benefits
The tree is a symbol of giving and love, and it is a real wealth that gives us a lot of benefits, as it is an oxygen factory, but it gives us beautiful and picturesque views, so it must be preserved and taken care of.

Among the benefits of afforestation:
1. Reduce pollution as trees increase oxygen.
2. Cools the atmosphere and reduces temperatures.
3. Reduce wind intensity.
4. Trees give people psychological comfort and reduce noise due to their ability to absorb sounds.