As A part of Taif’ia Program Ghasin AL-Zaiton For Youth had equiped 5 Factories in Bashiqa to Support the Local Production

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May 3, 2021

Al-Shahba Tahini factory was built in the nineties. I invested all my time and effort in the factory. The factory had 75 workers, both men and women. , this factory was a source of livelihood for me, my family, and 75 other families in Bashiqa. The demand was great, and we used to lick it, so that al-Shahba Tahini was exported to all the governorates of Iraq – from north to south. The product was 100% Iraqi, because the factory was in Bashiqa, and even the sesame seeds I used were Iraqi.

Until ISIS entered the area and destroyed everything beautiful, including the al-Shahba factory. I came back after liberation and found many of the factory machinies stolen or damaged. It was tragic and shocking for me, but I was determined to restore the factory. With the old and few machines that were present, I was able to return to the factory, but with very little productivity. The mechanisms were frequently broken and not working properly. Through AL Tai'fia  program with the support of Ghasin AL-Zaiton For Youth Organization , six machines of presses, fryers and peelers were provided.

Currently, my factory has 12 to 16 workers. I have faith in my ability and the ability and the workers  until we return to the factory  works better than before and we exported to all of Iraq and abroad.